Tile Flooring: Warmth, Durability and Ageless Grace

Tile floors can add an elegant, durable finish to the rooms in your home. Available in a wide variety of materials and sizes, there is a style to suit every design taste. Whether you are remodeling a bathroom or building a new kitchen, tile flooring is definitely a choice that should be on your list to consider.

Types of Tiles
The most common types of floor tile includes brick, cement, ceramic, natural stone, terra cotta and vinyl. Each has its own benefits and uses in a wide range of prices to suit every budget. Ceramic, both porcelain and non-porcelain, is by far the most common for indoor use. Natural stone is gaining ground, with its wide variety of warm, natural colors and patterns, which comes with a higher price tag but greater durability. Brick, cement and terra cotta are most often used in outdoor applications but can find their place inside the home as well.

Advantages to Tile
Tiles are known for their durability and elegant finish, a finish that does not easily attract stains or require extensive maintenance. Because each tile is individual, this allows for myriad unique design choices; if you like, your floor can be a colorful mosaic or a beautiful picture that only you have. Because of their popularity, tiles are readily available in a wide variety of colors, patterns and styles, catering to even the most particular designer.

Disadvantages to Tile
Tile is a heavy flooring type. This might require additional subfloor installation for your home. They can also be tricky to install, which can add considerably to the overall cost if you choose to hire someone for the installation. One of the advantages of tile—its hardness, which makes it difficult to break—is also a disadvantage. You may not want to stand for lengths of time on a tile floor, so kitchens with tile might do well with the addition of rugs and mats.

Tile flooring is beautiful, durable and versatile. From the wet surfaces of the well-used bathroom to the high traffic of the kitchen or entry way, tile floors can help you create the perfect look without sacrificing quality or longevity.