Natural Stone Tile from Floors & Walls of Distinction

Natural Stone Tile

Natural stone is the type of floor covering that really makes a statement. It has the durability that you look for in a good flooring material and the beauty that brings a design together. You can find great sales prices when you shop for new floors at Floors and Walls of Distinction. We offer high quality floor covering and fast installation in Sarasota at lower prices than our local competitors. You get the quality you expect without going over your budget every time. We even offer help to begin planning your home remodeling project. Services include design consultation, accurate estimates, and more.

Our design consultants can help you find the perfect natural stone to match your interior. Even if you aren’t sure where to start, you can create a design that works for you. Making an appointment is easy with an online form that you can fill out any time. It takes less than five minutes and you can even complete your request from your phone or desk! Convenience makes remodeling your home less stressful.

Estimates are important to planning your remodeling project. There is nothing worse than realizing you cannot afford the floors that you love because you didn’t have the foresight to save for it. Our low prices help, but knowing what you can afford is key. We offer accurate estimates to make planning the perfect renovation a breeze. Like design consultation, you can request estimates online or by phone.

More About Natural Stone

Natural stone refers to any number of types of mineral rock that are formed in the earth. Because this material occurs in nature, it varies by region, weather factors, and other natural effects. No two stone slabs look exactly alike. This is part of what makes this floor covering so attractive. Each different type of natural stone has its own characteristics and benefits. Colors can be wildly different, as can the grain and texture. However, the stones do share a few things in common:
  • Most natural stone needs to be sealed. This material has pores. Water, oils and dirt can get trapped in these pores and ruin your natural stone. You can end up with ugly stains or warps in your tiles. The easiest way to protect your investment is to have your floors sealed properly. This will keep your natural stone looking smooth and glossy instead of dull and dirty.
  • Never use acidic cleaners. Acid will burn right through your natural stone tile. This includes spilled wine and orange juice in addition to harsh cleaners. Only use manufacturer approved cleaners and sealers on your flooring to make sure that you do not damage the surface.
  • Avoid standing water. With the exception of sealed travertine, most natural stone is damaged by extended contact with moisture. Marble is especially soft so it should not come into contact with standing water. Granite is hard against scratches and impact but should not be left soaking wet even when carefully sealed.

If you are interested in high quality natural stone at an affordable price, Floors and Walls of Distinction can offer you the best deals in flooring and installation. Visit a location near you in Sarasota or go online to see our products and request a quote.