Large Format Tile

Large Format Tile

Large Format Tiles were expensive and impractical to install. That all changed due to recent advancements in manufacturing and installation.

Tiles today are made as thin as possible as they attempt to hold on to their structural integrity and durability.

Large tiles were originally used in commercial application. Recently they have been introduced into southern coastal homes in warmer climates, where homeowners prefer cool tile to carpet and other flooring options. Homeowners and designers and architects seem to favor large format tile for its spacious feel and general sophistication.

Those unable to invest in stone flooring and walls can turn to large format porcelain tile to effectively mimic the look of natural materials. And less grout lines means easier cleaning.

Large format tiles have become more than just a fad, they are fast becoming a common sight in many homes and the final look achieved with these amazing tiles is modern, bold and stunning.