Hardwood Flooring Styles and Trends from Floors & Walls of Distinction

Hardwood Flooring Styles and Trends

Hardwood flooring has a long history as a floor covering. It has been used in homes for centuries and is prized for its beauty and strength. Bradenton, Venice and Siesta Key homeowners can continue that legacy in their homes today with help from the flooring experts at Floors and Walls of Distinction! We offer everything from the floor itself to installation and more. This floor covering has been a favorite of interior designers for many years, and for good reason. It can fit seamlessly in almost any home. Although it costs more than some other floor coverings, it also outlasts them by a longshot. Even floors that were installed in Victorian era homes still look just as good today as they did in the past! This product is the perfect solution for homeowners who want a combination of incredible value and beauty. Learning more about hardwood is easy-- simply ask our experts who know it best.

Facts About Hardwood

Hardwood is one of the most fascinating flooring materials for a number of reasons. For one, it is one of the few flooring types that was once living. The way that it behaves before and after installation is affected by this fact. Hardwood should be left in the environment it will be installed in for a few weeks prior to being placed. This is to allow the planks to adjust to the moisture levels and prevent swelling that might leave gaps and peaks in between the planks.

After the hardwood is left for the proper amount of time, the next step is to check the state of your subfloors. Installers should have a level surface to work on so that you can easily attach the hardwood directly to the subflooring. This is usually done with staples or nails and a mallet. Glue down installation is another option which is typically used for engineered wood. Your installer can determine which adhesive would work best based on their initial inspection. The final option for installing a hardwood floor is a floating installation, which has the added protection of a pad. This is a better option if you are concerned about moisture affecting your floors. Speak with your installers to determine which method is best for your home.

You will have to practice good maintenance habits once your hardwood floors have been installed. Keep standing water away from the surface to prevent swelling and warping. Avoid walking over the floors with cleats and heels, as these can scratch and puncture the finish layer. Routinely sweep or vacuum to keep your hardwood free from grime, but only use a slightly dampened mop when absolutely necessary. You can find special cleaners for hardwood to add shine and prevent damages. If your floors begin to look tired and worn, you can simply have them sanded and refinished. This is part of what makes hardwood such a worthwhile investment!

Choosing hardwood is one of the best ways to improve your home. Work with the experts at Floors and Walls of Distinction to find the right flooring solution for you and get a great deal. All it takes is taking that first step! Find the perfect match for any space in your household and save money on supplies and installation in Bradenton, Venice and Siesta Key by visiting Floors and Walls of Distinction today. Our showroom is conveniently located in Sarasota.