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What is engineered wood flooring?

There are two types of hardwood flooring, solid and engineered. While they both look similar on the surface, engineered has a layered construction underneath that makes the floor stable to better handle moisture.. Engineered flooring is taking a significant share of the wood flooring market.

Brief explanation of Solid wood floors vs Engineered wood flooring

Solid wood floors are one thickness throughout and, as such, they do what wood is known for: They shrink and expand to adjust to weather and can warp, cup, crown, and buckle if it experiences too much moisture, or gap when there is too little moisture, and it shrinks. Engineered, is a veneer of genuine hardwood, usually sawn from the tree. You have the same options as solid wood floors, maple, hickory, oak, exotics or whatever your species-of-choice is, with knots, swirls, growth rings, and undertones to maintain the natural beauty.

Beneath the specific hardwood veneer you will find three or more layers of wood, combined with resin and then placed in crosswise positions. The result is a floor that can be installed in some higher-than-normal moisture demographics. The core of an engineered wood floor is the stabilizing mechanism. Some companies go one step further to treat the core under UV lighting to increase it’s stability.

Refinishing hardwood

Solid hardwood floors can be refinished an unlimited amount of times. Engineered hardwood floors can also be refinished. The amount of times that an engineered hardwood floor is able to be finished depends on the thickness of the hardwood veneer that is being used as well as the finishing technique of the original floor. A floor with a 2mm veneer can be refinished up to 3 times in it’s lifetime if it has a flat surface. If it has a hand scraped or wire brushed finish it may only be able to be resurfaced twice. Veneers 3mm and up will have a longer lifespan for refinishing.

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