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Floors and Walls of Distinction has always understood that to make a house the home you want it to be, it takes the perfect products all around—which is why our hardwood floors are quality, affordable and the right choice for any space.

Hardwood floors are luxurious, affordable and the right choice for many spaces. The merits of utilizing hardwood floors are vastly recognized – Wood floors are timeless natural beauty and add ambiance to any room bringing a bit of nature into your space. If you are planning or currently executing a project in or near Sarasota, Long Boat Key or Siesta Key and want to take your home to a whole new level with hardwood floors, turn to Floors and Walls of Distinction to bring you high-caliber products at low prices.
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For those who believe that comfort and the ability to relax is an essential part of every household, carpeting is the right solution. Its soft, thick body of fibers makes it easy underfoot and eases stress off of joints if you’re one who is constantly up and about on your feet. Carpeting technology has advanced to the point of durable carpets that don’t stain easily, making them a low-maintenance and long lasting investment for your home that disproves misconceptions of carpets being high upkeep. Carpeting is also available in a wide selection of styles and colors so it can be placed in any environment.

A common carpeting style is cut-pile, which is created by cutting the loops that traditionally constitute carpeting. The result is a thick and plushy outcome that has an elegant, uniform finish and is a good choice for pets, whose nails won’t snag easily on the individual fibers. Loop-pile carpeting retains the tight loops and is highly durable, able to withstand and remain as thick as ever even through thousands of footsteps. Some manufacturers create loop-pile carpeting by varying the height of the loops, in order to create pleasing patterns in the material. These two styles can be combined into cut and loop-pile carpets, which are used to sculpt carpet styles like saxony and shag or to create striking designs in the carpeting by combining the two textures.
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Choose Floors and Walls of Distinction for your hardwood floors—because when it comes to quality and price, you shouldn’t have to compromise on either front to get the beautiful, durable, and long lasting hardwood floors you’ve always wanted.

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