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Glass Tile Floors for Your Home

Mosaics made of glass tile are a flooring choice that is sure to create a sense of luxury, elegance and upscale atmosphere in your home. Personalization is a breeze, since these tiles comes in just about any size you can imagine, including postage stamp size.

It’s common to see tiles in the square and rectangle shapes, but you can also find special tiles in several different forms. It is also possible to have glass tile installed alongside metal, and stone tiles as a special form of accent.

- No Lack of Benefit with Glass Tile -

The beauty of glass tile mosaics can be achieved in more ways than one. With both solid tiles and multicolored tiles, you can choose to decorate in a simple solid pattern, or you can go for an intricate design of your own making. You can truly design to your heart’s content, even creating complex patterns that resemble flowers, animals, or anything else you’d like to embellish with.

If cleanliness is your overall goal, it will be easy to achieve with glass tile. Not only are they resistant to stains, mildew and mold, but they are also resistant to chemical damage. You can clean with anything you like, without ever having to worry about damage to your floors. A simple damp mop usually does the trick, while harder stains such as soap scum can be removed with a vinegar-based solution.

Durability is another key feature that makes glass tile a flooring material you might want to consider. They will resist cracking to the extreme, and have passed the ASTM standards for such. Scratches, however, are harder to guard against.

Glass tile also has a tendency to reflect light very easily. Mosaics created with these tiles simply seem to glow in ways that other flooring materials simply cannot recreate. Only the darkest tiles will stray from this norm.

If you plan to check out glass tile mosaics as a flooring for your own home, make sure to ask about Glazzio and Dal Tile. These two leading glass tile manufacturers may lead you to the perfect tile for your own home.
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Choosing Glass Tile, Made Simple

If you are having trouble finding the perfect glass tile for your mosaics, you might want to pay us a visit at Floors and Walls of Distinction. We service the areas of Sarasota, Long Boat Key, Siesta Key, Casey Key, Venice, Nokomis and other surrounding areas. Stop by our showroom in Sarasota, FL, to see our full line of glass tile today.

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